Gypsy Vanners bred by Equus Loco are all high quality horses. All our foals are pasture bred and Natural Horsemanship is paramount to us.

Gypsy Vanners

When I bought my first Vanner it was love at first sight. I just knew I had to bring this stallion home. Since then we are carefully breeding a high quality line of Gypsy Vanner horses. Also check out the Vanner photos in our Gypsy Vanner Picture Gallery.

Equus Loco - Center for Equine Awareness

Equine Awareness and Natural Horsemanship is paramount to us. EquusLoco is dedicated to the well being of all horses. Our goal is to help people become aware of the mental, emotional and physical needs of their horses.

Horses survive perfectly well in their natural environment. We recognize it is not possible to duplicate Mother Nature, but we would like to inspire others to provide conditions such that the horse can live as close to natural as possible.

This involves educating people to recognize the unnatural aspects of today's horse keeping, thus enabling them to modify their approach to horses in general and achieve happier relationships with their equine companions because they have learned how to develop a truly horse friendly environment. Understanding herd behavior and prey animal psychology along with the use of non-intrusive training techniques based on trust, respect and love, are fundamental.

With these objectives in mind we host clinics, seminars, courses and workshops on horsemanship, equine health and nutrition, chiropractic, massage, hoof care, dentistry and other associated topics. We also offer overnight and long term horse boarding.

Our facilities are conveniently located on: 173 Rocky Ridge Road, Westcliffe, Colorado 81252